Our Services

Mobile App Development

Beach Pad Tech provides full mobile application development for all the latest Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows based mobile operating systems.  We will provide the ability for you to customize the design and layout to ensure the latest and greatest functionalities and appeal to your customers is met.  Mobile application market is tremendously growing, we will deliver with the latest innovative, cutting-edge mobile development skills that aim to be the front facing aspect to your business/organization.  We promise to ensure with our developed application, you will be able to produce the most effective marketing and sales strategies that will in turn provide the greatest investment returns.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Beach Pad Tech provides SaaS, Software as a Service,  a software delivery method that allows end users to access all applicable functions and utilities remotely as a web-based service.  SaaS is an up and coming software resolution across all industries, since the software serves as a web-based services, minimal hardware is required resulting in saving costs on hardware, licensing, maintenance, upkeep, initiation and startup fees.  Our process starts with first working with the customer to gather the necessary requirements to build a fully customizable web-based application and the effort that it will take to deliver in a phase out delivery model.  Alongside, we will make the necessary plans to ensure the web-based application and services can be accessible in the business’s/organization’s environment.  We promise to deliver a 100% guaranteed end-to-end web-based application model that fits the needs of you as a customer and your end users.

Social Integration

Beach Pad Tech can take your social technological needs to the next level with providing the latest social media strategies. We will take your organization and provide brand awareness with direct business access to the most popular social media outlets such as Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Metrics to measure business/organization activity across all social media can be created to provide end-users the ability to develop media advertising and ever lasting business/organizational growth.  Along with promoting the business across all social media, we will ensure your business/organization is the first to appear in web search across all search engines.  We promise with our implementation you will be at the latest social trends.



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